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NUL System Services Corporation

President and CEO

​Waka Minagawa


Creating the future together with clients of Nihon Unisys group

NUL System Services Corporation (NSSC) is the North American R&D center of the Nihon Unisys Group. 

Established in 1994 in the state of Minnesota as a system development center in North America, and then moved to Silicon Valley in 2006 to research the world's advanced technologies and businesses. We are adding new activities as an R&D center to build businesses together with customers of the Nihon Unisys Group. 

The rickDoor service has been launched in 2020 to deliver information obtained from various partners in North America to the customers of the Nihon Unisys Group and to enhance communication with customers. 

rickDoor was named after Richard's teleportation door in Isaac Asimov's short science fiction novel "It's Just a Beautiful Days". At the end of the novel, Richard learns how great it is to go out on his own feet, instead of using the convenient teleportation door. 

"You know, it's such a beautiful day that I think I'll walk." 
This name reflects our desire to support your business with not only digital convenience, but also real communication by walking, talking and thinking on our own. When we read a good science fiction novel combined with science and philosophy and encounter something new, you may feel a strange impression"Sense of Wonder". I think this feeling stimulates curiosity and it is the driving force behind working on the unknown. 

We hope that you will touch the "Sense of Wonder" through our service. And we expect that exciting new business opportunities will emerge from here. 


Tomohiro Katazawa


​Silicon Valley office

Takemi Kishimoto


​Silicon Valley office

Haruhiko Yamazaki

Head of

​Boston office

Takahiro Kubo


​Boston office

Saki Uchida


​Boston office


NSSC was established in Minnesota in 1994 for the purpose of employing Unisys mainframe engineers from Japan. Today, we help American and Japanese companies to expand their businesses as the Nihon Unisys Group’s U.S. operations hub from our headquarter in Silicon Valley.

NUL System Services Corporation

Established:               June, 1994

Business:                    Research and Business Development

                                    Liaison between Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (NUL) Group and Unisys Corporation

President and CEO:  Waka Minagawa

Shareholder:              100% Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (NUL)

Office:                         Silicon Valley Office (Santa Clara, CA)

                                    Boston Office (Boston, MA)

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