smart oasis®: Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure

Nihon Unisys provides a cloud-based EV charging system as a social infrastructure in Japan.
End-users use an IC chip-embedded membership card for authentication at the charging station for charging and payment. The system also has “My Page” and e-mail functions for viewing notifications.
Users can also view the locations and the real time availability of charging stations on PCs and mobile phones.


Zero Accident Program DR (Drive Recorder)

Nihon Unisys provides the “Zero Accident Program” drive recorder solution. This is one of our IoT/cloud/real time analysis services.
Each drive recorder device connects to the mobile carrier network and sends driving data to the data center in real time, so that administrators can see the exact location and the status of vehicles. 


ChiReaff Space®:Cloud-based childcare support service

Nihon Unisys has been providing a childcare support service since 2015. The service aims to improve the work environment for nursery teachers so that they can have more time to spend with children, thereby improving the overall quality of childcare and helping to ensure the peace of mind of parents. We began marketing this service to childcare facilities throughout Japan from July 6, 2015 and aim to have it adopted by at least 1,000 childcare facilities over the next five years.

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