NSSC accelerates your business.
NSSC creates new business opportunities using the relationships of our parent company group, the Nihon Unisys Group. The Nihon Unisys Group provides IT services to major customers in Japan in the finance, retail, manufacturing, energy and service industries.
NSSC helps you navigate your expansion into the Japanese and Asian markets.

  • Find potential customers in Japan and Asia

  • Advice on entering the Japanese and Asian markets

  • Investment

Your Accelerator

Your Partner

NSSC supports you as your technology and business partner.

The Nihon Unisys Group has highly-qualified engineering capabilities as proven by its long history in providing mission critical systems and smooth system operation for customers. NSSC is your trusted partner for expanding your business in Japan and Asia.

  • Integration of your products and services with our solutions for our customers

  • Localization

  • Customization, development support 

  • Maintenance and support in Japan and Asia

  • Alliances, joint ventures


Your Distributor

NSSC helps you expand market share in Japan and Asia as a distributor.

The Nihon Unisys Group has rich experience in marketing and implementing solutions as the distributor of a major American IT company. With 180 service locations in Japan and also in 7 other countries, we provide support services to customers throughout Asia.

We can deliver products and services to customers quickly and efficiently.

  • Marketing for Japanese and Asian markets

  • Resell American products and services

  • Provide maintenance and support services in Japan and Asia



We Accelerate Your Business

We help expand your business in Japan and Asia,

based on our rich experience and trust from Japanese customers gained through providing IT services.

WHY Nihon Unisys?
  • Nihon Unisys has engineering skills that are highly trusted by customers, nurtured through providing mission-critical IT services to major customers in Japan.

  • Nihon Unisys is also creating new businesses and services that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional system development services.

Established in 1958, Nihon Unisys provides IT services to major companies in various industries. Nihon Unisys has 3,500 employees (8,200 employees as the Nihon Unisys Group), with an annual consolidated revenue of 270 billion Japanese yen (about 2.35 billion US dollars) for the fiscal year ending in March 2015.

  • The Nihon Unisys Group not only provides consulting, marketing and system development but also infrastructure services, support services and outsourcing services in Japan and Asia. We can support your expansion into the Japanese and Asian markets in various ways.

  • Uniadex, the Nihon Unisys Group company providing support services, has won first place in Nikkei Computer Magazine’s Customer Satisfaction Survey for the past 4 years. 

  • Nihon Unisys has a good understanding of the Japanese customers’ needs, gained from its long history as an IT service provider to major companies in the finance, retail, manufacturing, energy and service industries in Japan.

  • Nihon Unisys provides IT services to customers that provide mission-critical social infrastructure, including the world’s first Windows-based core banking system, branch banking systems, e-commerce systems for retail companies, production control systems for manufacturing companies, enterprise systems and energy management systems for electric utilities, reservation systems for airline companies, and cloud-based systems for central and local governments.

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About NSSC

NSSC was established in Minneapolis in 1994 for the purpose of accepting Unisys mainframe engineers from Japan. Today, we help American and Japanese companies to expand their businesses as the Nihon Unisys Group’s U.S. operations hub from our new headquarters in Silicon Valley.

NUL System Services Corporation (NSSC)


Established:               June, 1994

Business:                  -Research and Business Development

                                   -Provide system solution

                                   -Development of system solution

                                   -Liaison between Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (NUL) Group and Unisys Corporation

President and CEO: Waka Minagawa

Share Holders:          100% Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (NUL)

Office:                        -Silicon Valley Office (Santa Clara, CA)

                                   -Minneapolis Office (Roseville, MN)


​Waka Minagawa


Tomohiro Katazawa


Business Development

Haruhiko Yamazaki


Business Development

Takahiro Ota


Business Development

Takahiro Kubo 


Business Development

Nobuyuki Uchigashima


Business Development

Takemi Kishimoto


Business Development

1-1-1 Toyosu   Koto-Ku  Tokyo

135-8560  Japan

Tel: 81-3-5546-4111


3199 Pilot Knob Road

Eagan, MN 55121

Tel : 651-635-6111


Silicon Valley Office

3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 430
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel : 408-824-8408
Fax: 408-988-4601
Email: info@nulssc.com


Nihon Unisys, Ltd

Minneapolis Office

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