rickDoor platform accelerates
your business and communication



rickDoor platform is a system for providers to deliver information and accelerate collaboration with your clients and startups

Articles and Startups

You are able to create your own database of startups

You create and distribute your own articles, post links to external articles, and list your own sourced startup information.

Startup information is automatically linked from Crunchbase to the information you need, making it easy to register.

The database helps you manage information that is not disclosed to the client.

Client groups

Able to provide information for each client group you create 

Clients will be divided into multiple groups and you are able to deliver different information to each group.


You also communicate within the group through comments.

Create a variety of communities.



1 client company

$400 per mo.
$300 monthly base fee

+ $100 per client company, per mo.

*​up to 10 client companies


11 client companies

$850 per mo.
$300 monthly base fee

+ $50 per client company, per mo.

​*from 11 to 50 client companies


client companies unlimited


We will charge the provider $300 base fee per month plus an additional fee based on the number of client companies.

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