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rickDoor accelerates
your business and communication



We can obtain a wide range of information in cooperation with our Silicon Valley partners and provide articles and access to startups with the unique perspective of our expatriates. 


Articles and startup information will be posted periodically.

You are able to access information on advanced technologies and businesses with a focus on North America

Articles and Startups


Commenting will encourage creativity and accelerates the collaboration among us

Members are able to exchange comments with each other within a specific group and this strengthens creativity. We believe this communication leads to the exchange of new business ideas.


Contact us for interviewing startups

We arrange an interview with the startup you're interested in. Nihon Unisys Group representatives will support you in creating new business opportunities.


​Japan Unisys Users Association

​600 member companies

Financial Foresight 


​50 member companies

Please apply through our partners.
If you are a US expatriate, please contact NSSC representatives.

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